1 Modern Hooked Wall Shelf
Upto four shelves can be placed at one wall to create styleIdeal for Living room..
1 Pair Window Curtains - Floral Pink
Stitched Ready to hangAttached lining at the back Complete with eyelet..
5% off
2 Slim Wall Shelves
Rs.4,400PKR Rs.4,200PKR
Material: Oak Board Colors Available: Oak | Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black ..
27% off
3 Slim Wall Shelves
Rs.6,000PKR Rs.4,400PKR
Material: Oak board Colors Available: Black | Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Oak&n..
4 Square Shelf!
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Available: Black | Walnut Brown Dim..
41% off
Abstract Style Mirror (Wall hanging)
Rs.6,400PKR Rs.3,800PKR
• 5 abstract circles design Dimensions: Height: 48" [4 ft] | Length: 17"..
38% off
Abstract Wall Shelf
Rs.4,800PKR Rs.3,000PKR
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Available: Black | Walnut brown | Shee..
aLLsiZe Shelf Unit
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brow..
Altura! King Size Bed + 2 Side Tables Attached
Material: Oak Board, pure wood on edges Colors Available: Black | Wal..
Bett! King Size Bed
Material: Oak Veneer Board  Colors Available: Black & White ..
Blanco! King Size Tufted Bed
Material: Lasani with leatherette tufting Colors available: White | Black ..
Brick by Brick! Designer Floor Lamp
Material: Red oak and pure wood Colors: Walnut Brown | Black Dimensions: ..
21% off
Cama King Size Bed
Rs.38,000PKR Rs.30,000PKR
This bed exudes a contemporary, minimalistic design with an integrated stylish h..
Camden! Modern King Size Tufted Bed
Material: Oak Veneer Board Colors available: Black | White Style: Tuft..
31% off
Cheeqa! Floor Shelf in Oak
Rs.9,000PKR Rs.6,200PKR
No assembly requiredMaterial: Oak MDFColors: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | BlackDime..
Climbin Sidetable
Material: Oak MDF, pure wooden legsColors available: Walnut brown | BlackDimensi..
Colgar! Wall Mounted Shelf with Hanging Rods
5 Hanging RodsMaterial: Red Oak MDF base, hanging rods made in pure woodColors a..
Darkwood Interior Bed + 2 Side Tables
Material: Oak Broad Colors Available: Walnut brown | Black | Sheesham ..
DelIt! King Size Bed with 2 Side Drawers
Material: Oak Board Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Bro..
Dere! 4 Tier Corner Wall Shelf
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Available: Black | Walnut Brown | Shee..
38% off
Divided Bookcase
Rs.10,800PKR Rs.6,700PKR
Floor Shelf7 SectionsGood qualityUse as a divider for hallwayMaterial: Laminatio..
33% off
E-lves!! E- Shaped Shelf
Rs.5,400PKR Rs.3,600PKR
• Contemporary style   • Easy to installEnhance your space with a contem..
Espa! King size Bed with 2 Side tables
Material: Malaysian Lasani  Side table base: Solid wood Colors available:..
Esquina! Rectangle Side Table
Material: Red Oak Mdf with Malaysian Lasani legs Colors Available: Oak&n..
Florence! Full Tufted Leatherite Bed
Material: Particle board and tufted Colors Available: Black | White | Brow..
Hexago! Floor Lamp
Foot switch is presentBlack color wireMaterial: MDF LaminationColors Available: ..
Icon! Bed + 2 Side tables + Dresser + Mirror
Side table has 2 drawersDresser has 2 top spot lightsDresser has 7 DrawersSS Han..
Icon! Bed + 2 Side tables + Dresser + Mirror + TV Console + 2 Wall Shelves
Side table has 2 drawersDresser has 2 top spot lightsDresser has 7 DrawersWall S..
Icon! Bed with 2 Side tables
Material: Back Board tufted, bed extensions and side boards Red Oak MdfSide tabl..
Icon! Wall Shelf
Glass DoorGlass Shelves3 Shelves spaceMaterial: Red OakColors: Black | Walnut Br..
40% off
INco! Ss Shaped Side Table
Rs.9,200PKR Rs.5,500PKR
Material: Red Oak MDFColors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | BlackDimensions..
37% off
Key Wall Shelf
Rs.6,200PKR Rs.3,900PKR
Perfect fit for your decoration pieces and BooksEasy hanging Material: Oak ..
15% off
Las Wall Mirror
Rs.4,600PKR Rs.3,900PKR
3 Square mirrorsClassy and trendy design for your bedroom, living or hallwayMate..
29% off
Lego Floor Shelf
Rs.17,500PKR Rs.12,500PKR
Material: Malaysian LasaniColors: Black | Walnut Brown | Dark Sheesham..
Leza! Bed Set
Material: Sheesham wood, Oak veneer Style: Tufted back board Colors available:..
23% off
Lime! Bed with Sidetables in Lamination
Rs.48,000PKR Rs.36,900PKR
2 DrawersDurable and strong1 Detached sidetable with 2 drawers1 Extended shelf o..
Lisse! Narrow Display Shelf
Material: Malaysian Lasani Color: Walnut Brown | Black Dimensions:  ..
28% off
Loating! TV Wall Unit
Rs.14,500PKR Rs.10,400PKR
Material: Oak BoardColors Available: Black  | Walnut Brown | Dark Sheesham ..
Lock up! Cupboard
Material: Oak Veneer Board Color Options: Black | Walnut Brown | Sheesham ..
LuXeo! Tufted King Size Bed
Material: Lasani Color: Black | White | Dark Brown Dimensions: ..
Madera! Bed with 2 Side tables
4 colors availableDurable& long lastingMaterial: Oak MDFColors Availabl..
18% off
Madera! King Size Polish Bed
Rs.39,000PKR Rs.32,000PKR
4 colors available Durable& long lasting Material: Oak MDF Color..
Mesa! Rectangular Side Table Shelf
Ideally used as a side table Table can be used from both sides Can store thing..
Nape! 2 Drawer Side Table
2 Drawers3 handlesMaterial: Oak MDFColors available: Black | Walnut Brown | Brow..
Nega! King Size Tufted Bed
Material: Particle board and tufted Colors Available: Black | White Dimens..
Nepa 2 Door Wardrobe in Polish
Border at the top makes the wardrobe looks stylish3 compartments per side1 lock ..
Ohio! Japanese Style, Double Bed with Side Tables
Great for modern day interior  Minimalistic approach  Material:&nb..
33% off
Ola! Curve Style Mirror
Rs.5,850PKR Rs.3,900PKR
Vertical Mirror Material: Malaysain Lasani Colors available: Walnut B..
Pulido! Oak King Size Bed with 2 Drawer Side Tables
Material: Oak Board Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black..
Quicklook! Round Wall Mirror
Material: Malaysian Lasani  Color Options: Black | Walnut Brown  Dim..
24% off
Quote Unquote Wall Shelves - Set of 2
Rs.6,300PKR Rs.4,800PKR
Material: Oak MDFColors Available: Dark Sheesham | Walnut Brown | BlackDimension..
Refle Straight Mirror
Vertical MirrorMaterial: Malaysain LasaniColors available: Walnut Brow..
21% off
Retta! Rectangle Oak Wall Shelf
Rs.4,400PKR Rs.3,490PKR
Material: Red Oak MDF Colors Available: Black | Walnut Brown | Sheesham | Oak..
28% off
Roble! Oak Round Corner Table
Rs.8,000PKR Rs.5,800PKR
3 Solid Wood Legs Material: Oak top and Pure Wood Legs Colors Available: S..
25% off
Ron! Round Teak Side Table
Rs.7,200PKR Rs.5,400PKR
Multi-use table Material: Malaysian Lasani top and base, Support wood&nb..
Roomi Bed & 2 One Drawer Side tables
One drawer side tablesStylish design at the back board as the imageBack board a ..
Roya! 4 Drawer Dresser in Lamination
2 small drawers2 big drawersMaterial: MDF LaminationColors: Brown | Walnut Brown..
Roya! King Size Bed + 2 Side Drawers
Tufted at the back broad Mirror is attached to the dresser Spacious - 2 drawers ..
Roya! King Size Bed + 2 Side Drawers + Dresser
Amazing finishing Tufted on the head broad Material: Wooden structure wit..
Royal'it  Bed
• Contemporary style  • Fine polish finishing  • Amazing comfort&nbs..
17% off
S- Shaped Shelf
Rs.4,950PKR Rs.4,100PKR
Thickness is double to bring beauty the shelfMaterial: Malaysian Lasan..
Sayuri! King Size Bed with 2 move-able side tables
Product Dimensions: King Size Bed:  (L x H: 6 x 6.5)  Back Heig..
Sedo Bedroom Set! Bed + Side tables + Dresser + Ottoman
Material: Oak broad and Fur wood Colors Available: Black | Brown | Walnut ..
Sedo! 4 Drawer Dresser + Mirror
Material: Oak MDF and mirror structure in pure wood Colors: Black | Walnut ..
Seno! 1 Oak Two Drawer Sidetable
Additional tray provided with the top of the side table Open shelf space 2 K..
Sleek King Size bed
Trendy designIdeal for spacious roomsDurable bedSimple & Elegant Design ..
29% off
Slider! Center Table
Rs.36,000PKR Rs.25,500PKR
Slider Storage shelf in the center of the tableWhite part has wheels on it for e..
Slim Wall Shelf with 2 Wooden Brackets
Black Brackets with all colors Material: Malaysain Lasani base with Oak ..
Spen! Classic Double Bed
Legs made in Pure WoodPure wood line on the entire bed framesMaterial: Oak MDF P..
StockIn! Floor Shelf
Perfect for storagePlace it horizontally or verticallyMaterial: Lamination MDFCo..
SuimIn!1 Double Bed + 2 Side tables
Material: Laminated Broad & tufted side boards Colors Option: Bla..
Tabur! Nest of 3 Oak Side Tables
Material: Red Oak MDF Colors: Sheesham | Dark Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black ..
Tatami! King Size Japanese Bed
Material: Oak Board Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | ..
19% off
Taup! Wall Shelf
Rs.6,800PKR Rs.5,500PKR
Material: Lamination MDFColors: Black | Walnut Brown | SheeshamDimensions:Height..
Unto! Set of 2 Corner Wall Shelves
Material: Red Oak Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black Dimens..
24% off
Wooden Slim Shelf with Round Mirror
Rs.4,600PKR Rs.3,500PKR
Material: Pure WoodColors available: Dark Sheesham | Walnut Brown [Dark Bro..
Rs.4,400PKR Rs.4,200PKR
Rs.6,000PKR Rs.4,400PKR
Rs.6,400PKR Rs.3,800PKR
Rs.4,800PKR Rs.3,000PKR
Rs.38,000PKR Rs.30,000PKR
Rs.9,000PKR Rs.6,200PKR
Rs.10,800PKR Rs.6,700PKR
Rs.5,400PKR Rs.3,600PKR
Rs.9,200PKR Rs.5,500PKR
Rs.6,200PKR Rs.3,900PKR
Rs.4,600PKR Rs.3,900PKR
Rs.17,500PKR Rs.12,500PKR
Rs.48,000PKR Rs.36,900PKR
Rs.14,500PKR Rs.10,400PKR
Rs.4,400PKR Rs.3,490PKR
Rs.8,000PKR Rs.5,800PKR
Rs.7,200PKR Rs.5,400PKR
Rs.6,800PKR Rs.5,500PKR
Rs.4,600PKR Rs.3,500PKR
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