1 Acrylic Painting - We Stand Together
1 of a kind painting for your living room Material: Acrylic Paints Dimensions:..
1 Bed Sheet + 2 Pillow Covers! Red & Black
Material: 100% Cotton Dimensions: 90" x 102" 1 Bed sheet + 2 Pillow coversVouc..
2 PRIMA trays
Material: Beach wood Colors Available: Oak, Walnut brown or black Dimensio..
2 Window Curtains
Attached lining at the back  Complete with eyelet header and Soft feel ..
11% off
2 Wooden Wall Candle Holder
Rs.4,700PKR Rs.4,200PKR
Material: Pure Wood Colors: Grey | Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black ..
29% off
8 Corner Bumper Protector
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.850PKR
Reduce the risk of your child getting hurt on the sharp corners of tables and ca..
Band! Wooden Tray with Designed Border
Material: Malaysain Lasani Colors Available: Walnut Brown | Black Dimensions:&..
baQi Plant Indoor Pot
Material: Polyethylene plasticColor: Black & pinkDimensions:Height: 6" ..
Bathroom Storage Floor Shelf
Open slim shelf space for tissues and other accessories 2 Drawers, opening ..
Bercante! Bean Bag Seat
Fabric: Parachute  Colors Available:  Black | Yellow  Dime..
23% off
Berta Laptop Support Stand
Rs.1,300PKR Rs.999PKR
Supports laptops up to 17"Wipe dry with a clean clothMaterial: Polystyrene plast..
40% off
Blue Table Place Mat
Rs.580PKR Rs.350PKR
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Withstands temperatures up to 65°CProtects the tabl..
Bolso! Purse Hanging
Material: Jamun Wood Color: Black | Walnut Brown Dimensions: Height: 55" |&nbs..
Clinder Candle Holder
The light from the candle shines decoratively through the pattern on the candle ..
56% off
Cutlery Grey Tray
Rs.900PKR Rs.399PKR
Material: PlasticColor: GreyDimensions:Height: 2" | Length: 12" | Depth: 10"Vouc..
61% off
Dasil! Blue & Off White Pillow Cover
Rs.1,400PKR Rs.550PKR
Zip is provided on one end to insert pillow caseMaterial: Canvas ClothColor: Blu..
38% off
Dec Cutlery Holder
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.750PKR
Holes in the bottom for drainingMaterial: Stainless SteelColor: WhiteDimensions:..
Decor! Wooden Garden Vase
Polish finishing: Abstract For artificial flowers Garden decor Material: P..
30% off
Depie! 1 Wooden Floor Lamp
Rs.12,500PKR Rs.8,800PKR
New & Unique design, designed by our designers. Complete Wooden Lamp and fro..
53% off
Dots! Black & White Pillow Cover
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.800PKR
Zip is provided on one end to insert pillow caseMaterial: Canvas ClothColor: Bla..
Dots! Blue & White Pillow Cover
Description:Zip is provided on one end to insert pillow caseMaterial: Canva..
17% off
Drad! Tissue Holder
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.1,000PKR
Square tissue holder Durable  Metal ball included with wire No tis..
Easel! 1 Wooden Easel
Material: Pure Wood Colors Available: Purple | Pink | Blue | Black | Walnut Bro..
Fika Artificial Potted Plant - Grass
Material: Polyethylene plasticColor: Black pot, green grassDimensions: Heig..
Fika Artificial Potted Plant - Leaf
Material: Polyethylene plasticColor: Black pot, green leavesDimensions..
Fika Artificial Potted Plant - Rosemary
Material: Polyethylene plasticColor: Black pot, green grassDimensions:..
Fika Artificial Potted Plant - Thyme
Material: Polyethylene plasticColor: Black pot, green grassDimensions:Heigh..
17% off
Geeya! Tissue Holder
Rs.900PKR Rs.750PKR
Material: PlasticColor: BlackDimensions: Height: 7" | Length: 6" | Depth: 2..
38% off
Green & Off White Table Runner
Rs.2,100PKR Rs.1,300PKR
White Lining at the backHigh quality stitchingMaterial: Canvas Cloth C..
Ierro! Iron Stand with Storage & 2 Drawers
Material: Pure Wood Legs & Malaysian Lasani Fabric used: Cotton Color..
24% off
Mini Ceramic Oil Heater
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.1,300PKR
 Aromatherapy Oil BurnerMaterial: CeramicColor: WhiteStyles: Love | Stars |..
Pacman Candle Holder
Ideal for Living Room and Dinning tablesThe light from the candle shines decorat..
26% off
Perch! Multi-use hanger
Rs.1,150PKR Rs.850PKR
Can be washed by hand Takes as little room as a clothes-hanger, but can store..
Pure Wooden Wall Hanging
Material: Pure Golden Teak Colors Available: Black | Walnut Brown Dimensi..
Set of 2 Big Black Boards with 1 Chalk Box
Material: Malaysain Lasani Color available: Black Dimensions: 1st Board:..
25% off
Sidekick RCorganizer (Remote Control Organizer)
Space for 4 remote controls Pocket on back for newspapers, magazines, etc. Sim..
Sofa Arm Foldable Tray
Multi-use Tray Holder, Bendable, adjustable to any side. Material: Pure Wood ..
22% off
Sofa Throw Cloth
Rs.2,550PKR Rs.1,999PKR
Machine washDo not BleachMaterial: 70% acrylic, 30% polyesterColor: RedDime..
Stripe Blue and Off White Pillow Cover
Zip is provided on one end to insert pillow caseMaterial: Canvas ClothColor: Blu..
Suave! 3 Guest Towels
1 set has three colors Material: 100% Cotton Dimensions: 30" x 50" Colors: Bl..
36% off
Sukar Lantern/Candle Holder
Rs.550PKR Rs.350PKR
The warm light from the candle shines decoratively through the lace pattern on t..
Tang! Solid Wood Table Lamp
SS Rod connecting Wooden base and shadeWhite Wire and plug will be providedMater..
V Shaped Beanbag - Parachute Fabric
WashableMaterial: ParachuteDimensions: Sitting Height 18inches, Diameter 30..
Vice Glass Vase
Wipe clean with a damp clothGlass vaseDimension:Height: 6" | Bottom Diameter: 4"..
16% off
Wooden Remote Control Organizer
Rs.4,500PKR Rs.3,800PKR
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Available: Sheesham | Walnut Brown | Black ..
Yellow & Off White Table Runner - Canvas Cloth
White Lining at the backHigh quality stitchingMaterial: Canvas Cloth C..
Rs.4,700PKR Rs.4,200PKR
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.850PKR
Rs.1,300PKR Rs.999PKR
Rs.580PKR Rs.350PKR
Rs.900PKR Rs.399PKR
Rs.1,400PKR Rs.550PKR
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.750PKR
Rs.12,500PKR Rs.8,800PKR
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.800PKR
Rs.2,100PKR Rs.1,300PKR
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.1,300PKR
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