1 of a kind painting for your living roo..
Material: 100% Cotton Dimensions: 90" x..
Material: Beach wood Colors Available..
17% off
2 Sukar Lantern/Candle Holder
Rs.900PKR Rs.750PKR
The warm light from the candle shines de..
Attached lining at the back  Comple..
Material: Pure Wood Colors: Grey | Shee..
19% off
8 Corner Bumper Protector
Rs.1,100PKR Rs.890PKR
Reduce the risk of your child getting hu..
Material: Malaysain Lasani Colors Avail..
Fabric: Parachute  Colors Ava..
Material: Canvas Cloth Color: Black..
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Withstands ..
Material: Jamun Wood Color: Black | Waln..
55% off
Clinder Candle Holder
Rs.650PKR Rs.290PKR
The light from the candle shines decorat..
67% off
Cutlery Grey Tray
Rs.900PKR Rs.300PKR
Material: PlasticColor: GreyDimensions:H..
25% off
Dec Cutlery Holder
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.900PKR
Holes in the bottom for drainingMaterial..
Polish finishing: Abstract For artifi..
29% off
Depie! 1 Wooden Floor Lamp
Rs.12,000PKR Rs.8,500PKR
New & Unique design, designed by our..
13% off
Drad! Tissue Holder
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.1,050PKR
Square tissue holder Durable  ..
Material: Pure Wood Colors Available: P..
43% off
Flolite! Floor Lamp
Rs.4,200PKR Rs.2,400PKR
Floor lamp is Semi-transparent Sha..
33% off
Geeya! Tissue Holder
Rs.900PKR Rs.600PKR
Material: PlasticColor: BlackDimensions:..
Material: Pure Wood Legs & Mala..
29% off
Mini Ceramic Oil Heater
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.1,200PKR
 Aromatherapy Oil BurnerMaterial: C..
Ideal for Living Room and Dinning tables..
13% off
Perch! Multi-use hanger
Rs.1,150PKR Rs.999PKR
Can be washed by hand Takes as little..
Material: Pure Golden Teak Colors Avail..
Material: Malaysain Lasani Color a..
Space for 4 remote controls Pocket on ba..
Multi-use Tray Holder, Bendable, adjusta..
Machine washDo not BleachMaterial: ..
1 set has three colors Material: 100% C..
SS Rod connecting Wooden base and shadeW..
20% off
Titular! Floral Patterned Multi-purpose Holder
Material:  Steel & plas..
WashableMaterial: ParachuteDimensions:&n..
11% off
Wooden Remote Control Organizer
Rs.4,500PKR Rs.4,000PKR
Material: Malaysian Lasani Colors Ava..
White Lining at the backHigh quality sti..
Rs.650PKR Rs.290PKR
Rs.900PKR Rs.300PKR
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.900PKR
Rs.12,000PKR Rs.8,500PKR
Rs.1,200PKR Rs.1,050PKR
Rs.4,200PKR Rs.2,400PKR
Rs.900PKR Rs.600PKR
Rs.1,700PKR Rs.1,200PKR
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